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MCClatchy's Video Overlay

Introducing McClatchy’s Newest
Video Product!

The Video Overlay Ad loads as soon as the Web page fully loads. Unlike pre-roll, it separates editorial content from your ad. The video dominates the page upon load, darkening the page background so your video is the dominant element on the page! The video can run ROS or can be targeted by content section or section front, like the homepage.

Additional Details

The Video Overlay runs from a 1x1 pixel ad tag and doesn't require a companion ad. This allows advertisers to target sections that may not have display advertising impressions available.

Optional companion ad available in two sizes: 300x250 or 728x90

An 88x31 logo can also be included on the video.

Video Overlay Features

  • Command the attention of targeted visitors
  • Video assets include sound
  • Ad displays a time-left countdown
  • All ad impressions are frequency capped at one unique visitor per 24 hour period
  • Videos play for up to 30 seconds

Reach the audience you desire most

  • Section/Channel targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Demographic targeting


Video Player Size: 576 pixels x 324 pixels

Video Formats: .flv only; maximum file size 6 MB

Video Length: up to 30 seconds

Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (preferred), 4:3

Click-Thru URLs: Supplied by advertiser; Optional: Up to three links to an advertiser's social networking sites, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc. (if desired)

Campaign Launch Lead Time: Please submit assets a minimum of 5 business days before the campaign is scheduled to launch

Optional Companion Ad: 728x90 or 300x250 (jpeg or gif); 40k (if needed)

Optional Logo: 88x31; 10k

Sound: 'Sound On' or 'Polite Sound'

Third Party Tracking: Our video vendor can implement third-party impression- and click-tracking within the ad player.

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